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Okay, I am trying to insert a scrolling text box in an iFrame and used the code from iWeb FAQ. No problem there.

I created the page I wanted the iFrame in and altered the size of the box to suit my needs. I then created a blank page called iFrame and hid it from the navigation bar and set the size to the size of the iFrame.

I then went back to the html snippet and altered the address to my own website, site name and page, but when I clicked on apply, all it came up with was "We cannot find page on this server".

What am I missing or doing wrong with this?

I have named the pages with .html at the end and have done the same with the address in iWeb, although the site has not been published. Is this correct, or have I done something obvious wrong?


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    Can anyone help me? How can I password protect in i web 09?

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    Put the URL of your webpage in the SRC="" field.
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    Look, if you want help then start a new thread for yourself. As far as I can tell password protection and iFrames do not have anything to do with each other!

    You have just hijacked my thread which I don't appreciate.
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    Can we have some URLs please?
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    I can't provide a url at present, as the site is not published - I decided to try and experiment with iFrames, before publishing. Anyway, if it helps I can tell you exactly what I did? 1. I created the page where I wanted the iframe to go and placed an html snippet on the page and entered the relevant code, changing colours and sizes to suit my needs. I tested it by placing a link to the Apple website and that displayed immediately in the iframe with no problems. This page has been given the page name that I want and is included in the navigation menu. 2. Next, I created a blank white page that I named iWeb_iframe.html in iWeb and took this page out of the navigation menu. I proceeded to set the same width and height in the page settings as I did in my iframe - namely 750/450. It was on this page that I inserted my text that I wanted displayed in the iframe. 3. Next, I went back to the iframe on my page and went to <iframe when="" do="" comes="" website="" found="" this="" server.="" as="" site="" was="" then="" went="" back="" changed="" src="site%20name/page%20name.html" and="" that="" happens="" get="" a="" totally="" blank="" page.="" does="" it="" need="" be="" published="" to="" show="" up="" or="" not.="" think="" i="" have="" carried="" out="" all="" the="" correct="" steps="" but="" something="" is="" not="" working="" here.="" thanks="" for="" any="" help.=""></iframe>
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    If you want to link to a iWeb page in the same Site use this :

    <iframe src="../../iwebpage.html" width="500" height="500" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

    Change the width and height and apply CSS styles to the iframe.

    Make sure links on the embedded page are set target="_top" otherwise the new pages are displayed in the Frame.

    More info : [IFRAME - Inline Frame|http://htmlhelp.com/reference/html40/special/iframe.html]
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    Sorry I'm new to this and I thought I posted a new thread.

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    Okay, thanks for this. However, I have tried it and it is still not working. I placed the link into where the iFrame text is and tried linking to the page both with and without the .html at the end and all I get is a totally blank box with no text in whatsoever and with just the border and no scrolling feature.

    When I try it and insert http://apple.com, the site load immediately, but not the text.

    I am now at a loss to understand why it won't work?

    Any more ideas?

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    As you've learned in this forum by now : provide a url so others can have a look.
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    I can't provide any urls that would be useful to you - it is just that this is an unpublished site that I have been experimenting with and trying to set up iframes on.
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    Supposing that I typed the text that I wanted in a Word document and wanted to link this to the iframe - how would I link to the document?
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    Okay, so I made it work - created the text on the blank page that I wanted to go in the iframe and then published to a folder from iWeb. I then used Cyberduck to upload both files and html page to my server.

    I then went back to my other page where my iframe was and placed the link in there to mydomain.com/page name and low and behold it has worked.