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Hi - This just started happening last week - I've got 4 IMAP accounts and one Exchange account in my MacMail. All worked smoothly.

Last week, I got a strange error when trying to send an email "Sender not found" (obviously can't be the issue b/c I am the sender). Anyway, since then, I have this problem where within the account, it keeps replicating the Inbox!

So despite having no mail in these said emails, I've got:

Inbox (the one that is at the highest level and drops down when you look within your main Inbox but is associated with the mail account)
Sent Messages (and that is now picking up my current sent messages

Then, in Sent Messages, I have
Sent Messages
Sent Messages (and that only shows mail up until Tuesday which this issue occurred).

What on earth is going on?

Thanks for any help you can provide -

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Try deleting User/Library/com.apple.mail.plist and restarting Mail. Quit mail, drag this file to desktop, restart mail. Set up as before. If this does not work you can always drag back the old .plist from the desktop

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    Hi - Thanks for an idea on how to fix it. Does that delete on the IMAP side though or just locally?

    And, sorry, when you say, drag "this file" to desktop - what is "this file"?

    Thx -
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    Pardon my english, not my native language. I meant the com.apple.mail.plist mentioned in the previous sentence. Instead of dragging to trash to delete, you could also drag it to desktop so it can be put back if the idea does not work.

    If it works, do post back here so others looking for a solution may be guided accordingly.
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    Got it - thanks! I will certainly follow up. I posted b/c my husband also had the same problem with an IMAP account. It's so strange that it just started happening after months of not doing this.
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    Good luck, and yes, nothing happens on the IMAP server side, this change is local.