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New movies now have 3D versions for Real3D or iMax 3D....
is it possible to have iTunes sell and play 3D movies? just to purchase the special glasses as an accessory to watch it.
Since it has HD movies, why not 3D?

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  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,815 points)
    Whether nor not the iTunes Store will ever support 3D movies is unknown. But since there are few if any shipping 3D computer monitors yet, and to the best of my knowledge there has not been any sort of format standard for 3D on home systems even close to being set, it's unlikely that it will happen any time soon. Such files are also probably going to be far too large for download unless and until bandwidths and download limits increase dramatically.

    But you can indicate your interest to Apple here:


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    Real3D uses a technology that isn't reproducible with current computer hardware and the older technologies would have unsatisfactory results. I heard that they are bringing out a 3D television but current anticipated cost is around US$10,000.
    Even if the technology was there, a 3D film has to use at least twice the resources that a standard film does which would require increased bandwidth as pointed out elsewhere.
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    One possibility that I could easily foresee coming is the advent of the Apple TV being used for downloading 3d movies. Also, let's not forget that a lot of televisions out there have hookups for the iPod itself. Maybe the iPods could be used to show the 3d movie on a larger tv screen.
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    So now that everyone and their grandmother has a 3D TV set and it is very much a standard, let's raise the question from the dead. Is iTunes ever going to support 3D movies?

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    Hahahha :-D and now that grandmas have left their TV as legacy to thier grandchildren ?

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    I see the original post was about 4 years ago, AND if I'm repeating spikesagal...  Since there are now more 3D TVs than 2D (whether you wanted the feature or not)... AND since Netflix now has hundreds of movies in 3D... let's resurrect this question again:  Is iTunes ever going to support 3D movies?


    I'm actually looking at buying my digital movies elsewhere because iTunes is just about the only distributor of digital movies that doesn't offer 3D nowadays.

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    _Proteus_ wrote:


    Since there are now more 3D TVs than 2D

    Not even close.

    Is iTunes ever going to support 3D movies?

    Apple has not commented on it.


    Personally, I doubt it.

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    Apple seems to be ignoring the market and try to manipulate their loyal clientele by keeping quiet on certain obvious topics that would require them to invest in the trending features. This is very annoying and it discourages use of the iTunes as far as I can tell you. My friends are saying the same. I am stepping away from iTunes going forward and will be back in the local best buy store to pick up my movies there... which currently come with the UV digital copy - not iTunes. BTW, I have always appreciated more having a BD disk in a box with a cover etc. then a digital file that who knows how long would be supported. Having no 3d movies on iTunes - no problem - I go elsewhere to buy them.

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    RobFromOak wrote:


    Apple seems to be ignoring the market


    You mean they are following the market.

    The 3D television fad is over.

    that would require them to invest in the trending features.


    As a stock owner, I'm happy they don't invest in "trends" but concentrate on the longer end game.

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    As a stock owner, you would appreciate the lost revenues of 2D movies that go with the 3D bundle bought elsewhere. I will not abandon iTunes because of the lack of 3D, but I will be, and already have been, buying less movies on iTunes than before, because i already got the 2D version of those movies with the 3D bundle. I will never, ever, buy TinTin, Pacific Rim, Avatar, Coraline, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Monster House, Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Jack the Giant Slayer, The Three Musketeers....need I go on???....etc, etc, on iTunes, because I loved them in 3D and have bought them, including the 2D version elsewhere.

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    Most Frequent Flyer wrote:

    need I go on???.

    Please don't...

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    @Chris. You obviously don't grasp the concept of a rhetorical question. May I suggest some grammar lessons? 

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,235 points)

    What does grammar have to do with this?