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I am using Windows XP, I have a 80GB video iPod. My problem is that my iPod itself, everytime I turn it on, starts up like it has been reset (at the Choose language screen) and there are no songs or playlists or artists or anything on it at all. I feared that I had reset my iPod accidentally and lost everything, but on my iTunes, all of my music and playlists are still there like nothing happened. I don't want to sync it, because all of my music is on my iPod and not on my computer (I use my iPod as a sort of external harddrive). I really am at a loss as to what to do. I'd like to be able to listen to music on my iPod, not just through my computer. Obviously I didn't lose the data, it's on the iPod, but for some reason the iPod itself does not recognize that.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad x60s, Windows XP
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    Did you plug it into another users itunes software, another pc? If you did and missed the dont sync and erase my library warning it would of cleaned it out.

    Or you didnt accidently uncheck your music lists on menu in ipod itself so its just not showing did you?
    In disc mode (manual management of music) things can get wierd with syncing I ended up setting mine to auto sync.

    Im confused you said your music is still in itunes but you dont want to sync it?

    Im thinking this is inevitable as well as a reset?

    maybe someone will come along with better advise...sorry.

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