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recently my ipod touch backlight has stopped working.
the screen still works, but every thing is just really really dark.
i know the brightness setting is turned up, so its not that,
and i have already tried restoring multiple times.
i would really like it if someone could to tell me how to fix this on my own,
or if i can get an estimate of how much it will cost to fix it professionally.

dell laptop, Windows 7
  • Poikkeus Level 4 (2,785 points)
    You've already done your research and tried to vary the contrast settings, to no effect, and resetting proved fruitless.

    Your first option would be to visit your Apple Store and have someone at the Genius Bar look at your unit. If you're still under warranty (under a year after purchase), they'll likely give you a new Touch. If your Touch is older, it's still a good idea to test your luck. It might be a problem they'll handle on the spot.

    If the technician says that he can only offer to repair it (for a fee), you have two options. You could use the services of the Apple Store, and they'll be able to tell you the probable cost for repairs. Or, you could contact iPodJuice, who do the same repairs at a more reasonable price. You can email the latter to get a rough idea of that the price is likely to be.