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Can i boot my mac mini trougth usb devices like cd/usb stick?

As i know mac mini ppc version can boot firewire devices. So if i connect my usb cd/stick to firewire adapter and then put it to mac mini can i boot one?

My internetl drive died, and i want to renew os on device.

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    Firewire and USB are not the same standard, and can not communicate by just using some physical adapter. The controllers function very differently, such that they are not interoperable. Regardless of whether some odd no-name company makes a cable with one type connector on one end and the other type on the other end, that doesn't make things work. All you'll do is buy something that'll cost you $5 that cost $.05 to make, and doesn't work and they are counting on you not bothering to return (if they even accept returns).