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i have an interesting situation with songs on my iPhone 3GS - i added some songs from mt cd's to iTunes and checked them to download to my phone - i have only sync checked music set - some of the new songs downloaded fine - about 5 (all from 1 cd)dit not - i dont think its a format problem with the songs because

1) they play fine on itunes on my computer and they are checked
2) when i checked manually manage music and dragged the songs to the phone icon in itunes they then downloaded onto the phone and play quite happily

i searched the archive to see if i could find something on this but wasnt able to

Anyone have any ideas on whats going on - its not a space problem because the songs are now on the phone and i have lots of free space - its just that songs from ths one cd loaded into itunes would not download to the phone even if checked in itunes

also there was no error msg like something about authorization which i gather some other people have had from my search of the archives


IPhone, Windows XP Pro