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Bruce Robbie Level 1 Level 1
Following an accidental turn off during a start up sequence, I now find that my Mac book Pro will not boot on start. All I get is the start up chime, the Apple logo and a progress bar, which get indicates about a small level of progress and then it shuts down with a blank screen.
On subsequent start up attempts, the progress bar appears then disappears then
reappears before being replaced by the rotating fan logo. This fan just keeps rotating as if the machine is stuck in a loop.
Any suggestions on how to rectify this before I go to the Genius Bar on Saturday ?

iMac 24/Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4), Duo Core
  • EugeneO Level 1 Level 1
    I would try a safe boot in your case, just to see if it will go. You could also boot to an install disc and attempt a Disk Repair. To boot in safe mode, hold down Shift at the chime. It will attempt to do a drive repair on booting to safe mode, the only difference is that if you boot to an install disc, you will see the progress of the Disk Repair attempt.
  • Bruce Robbie Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the prompt reply,
    Unfortunately no joy on the shift on chime. Do I need to use the original install disk or the Snow leopard disk to do this properly ?
  • BenRector Level 3 Level 3
    Hi Bruce,

    Boot from your Snow Leopard disc (Start up your Mac whilst holding the "C" key until the Apple Logo appears). When the installer window appears, select your language & then Disk Utility from the Utilities option in the menu bar. Verify your HD & if necessary, repair HD.

  • EugeneO Level 1 Level 1
    If you boot to your install disc and a Directory Repair comes back with machine is fixed or no problems found, the next step probably will be an Archive and Install. Directions for that process can be found here....

  • Bruce Robbie Level 1 Level 1
    Apple replaced the hard drive free of charge. The start up was totally messed up. Luckily had backup for most of my work.