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Hi all,
I have this weird problem with my iPhone. It is missing a playlist from my iTunes library. When I connect my iPhone to iTunes, the playlist is there under the iPhone device column (but the songs are dimmed as they should be) and under iTunes playlists with my other playlists, but it's not on my iPhone. I set my iPhone to sync my entire library. The weird thing is that it used to be on my iPhone because I used to play that playlist all the time. Then I just checked my iPhone today and it's now gone. Just to clarify, the playlist does and always has existed in my library. And my iPhone is set to sync my entire library, and it does everything except that particular playlist. Any thoughts?

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    I'm guessing that you just updated your iPhone software to 3.1.3 and that it is a smart playlist you are missing. If that's the case then it's a software bug. I've done a little searching and found two methods individuals are using to get around this until Apple fixes the bug. I haven't had time to try either yet, but seems that both methods are working for different people.

    First one is to recreate your smart playlist in iTunes with a different name. When you synch, your missing playlist will appear, but your new playlist will not.

    Second method claims the issue is caused when your playlist includes more than two conditions. The recommended work around for this is to temporarily remove all but two of your conditions in your playlist and then synch until apple fixes the bug.

    When I get a chance I will try and confirm whether one or both works.
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    Just to add my 2 cents..

    I've had this problem also and have come across two ways that both work to get around it.

    1/ Turn off Live Updating.
    2/ As described above, reduce the number of conditions. I've gotten one with 3 conditions to work.
    eg; Rating is greater than two stars
    Comments does not include Kids
    Media kind is Music

    That will work with Live Updating turned on...
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    That was it. Thanks for all your help guys.
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    I had the same issue occur with my iPhone after I cleared all settings and memory from it because the 'other' category had gotten bloated to 1.6 GB; afterwards it was 320 MB. After I re-synched, my playlists (and other items) were missing. I got most of the stuff back together, but no matter what I have tried, I can't get the playlists to appear on my iPhone.