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I am getting a new hard drive for my Macbook pro. I was wondering, after I install the hard drive in the laptop, I need to insert the snow leopard disk in, and initiate the hard drive, then install the OS X.
But I want to know, since it isn't a family pack, so it should only have 1 licence, and if I don't uninstall snow leopard on my old hard drive, will the OS X install? How does OS X check if you used the 1 licence I purchased?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    As long as it's the same machine, you can install it on as many disks and their volumes as you want. That said, best is to make a bootable backup/clone of your current HD on a bootable, external, FireWire HD using something like Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper!, boot into and ensure that it works just as the original does. Then, pop in the new HD, boot with the backup/clone, run Disk Utility, erase and partition it properly, selecting the appropriate partition map scheme, and then restoring the backup/clone. That alleviates using the install disk which is slower and still requires migrating your current stuff from the backup/clone or Time Machine backup.
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    Just a tip not directly pertaining to the question: don't forget to de-authorize this computer in iTunes if you stop using a hard drive.
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    Adding very slightly to what baltwo said about "erase and partition it properly" it is a good idea to make sure the drive is formatted with the *GUID Partition Table* partition scheme, the "native" scheme for Intel-based Macs. Do this in Disk Utility by use of the "Options…" button in its Partition tab.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Good computing.