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Just wondering what an appropriate age is to give my kids an iPod Touch. We were thinking of getting both of there own (5 and 8) and not getting a DVD player for them for the car (that they want). We figure the Touch will also give them music and games and more portability.
Are they too young?
  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10
    At whatever age you are comfortable with them having their own access to the internet. Maybe 12-16 years old IMHO.
  • Sandra Foster Level 4 Level 4
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    I agree with roaminggnome; you need to be comfortable with them having internet access — unsupervised internet access. Also, how responsible and careful are your children with their possessions? It's pretty easy to put something this small somewhere and forget where it is, when you're that young. <g>
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    i dont think so ,there are plenty of apps for kids and if youre worried about the access to internet and youtube because of the content the ipod offer parental controls in which you can control there access to the safari app and the youtube app.fyi i got an app for my touch for kids.my 16mnth old daughter loves it. hope this was useful.