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i have an older iMac and im trying to give it to a friend and when i was cleaning the hardrive i deleted all of the unwanted stuff that didnt transfer to our new ibook. and when i went to restart it iMac it asked me which operating system i wanted to restart with and i clicked OS9 instead of OS X. now my computer restarts and the screen is gray with a tiny little computer in the middle of the screen.....can anyone help me?

2000 imac, Mac OS X (10.2.x)
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    If you are giving it away, you might want to use the original Restore CD to erase and restore it to factory defaults. This way the new owner can start with a clean slate and all your personal files will be deleted. (Make sure you give your friend the original CDs, along with the iMac.)
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    The poor little thing is trying to find an OS to boot from. Let it sit for a few minutes. 'See if it can find something. If the little computer in the center has a flashing "?" in the center, and if the "?" persists for several minutes that usually means it can't find a workable system.

    If you are transfering the computer to another owner, it might be a good idea to boot from the OS 9 CD or the "Restore" CD, initialize the drive using "Drive Setup", then install a new/clean system. Be sure to give your friend the OS CDs. Nothing is more useless than a Mac without a bootable CD.
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    but i still cant get away from the gray screen with the little comp. i have to the install disc inserted?
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    Because this happened after you deleted a lot of things, I'd say, yes. Put the install disc in there and restart holding down the C key.