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I downloaded the free Single Of The Week track on iTunes, liked it, and bought the full album on my iPhone (which missed out that track as it was already downloaded). However that track had the wrong Album name (called "Rootless - Single Of The Week") compared to the other tracks and so I renamed it to the same as the others so it was part of the album like it should be.

But now it is displayed in iTunes correctly, yet my iPhone has seemingly copied over the newly labelled version and kept the one with the SofW album name instead of removing it. So no matter what I do with the track, I always have the 2 versions of the same song on my iPhone.

What I find strange is it adds the SotW version to the album as the second track even with its different album name! So I have the same song as track 2 and 11!

I have even tried unsyncing music and syncing again and the extra track is still there. How can this be fixed?

Macbook Pro iPhone 3GS 32GB AppleTV, Mac OS X (10.5.7)