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Today my iphone fell out of my purse and onto the cement. There's not a scratch or crack on it, but it won't turn on. when i plugged it in and turned it on, the apple sign came on as if it was starting, and then turned off. when i tried again it showed the picture indicating to sync it with itunes. i plugged it into my macbook pro and now its just flashing the apple logo and then going black, then flashing, and going black. i tried to restart it by hitting the home and on button but nothing happened. its been doing this since this morning. I just got this phone because my usb connector broke on my other one, and really dont want to have to go back into the store because its over an hour away. my last iphone was so durable, i dropped it and it even had a crack in the back and still worked. This brand new one got dropped about 3ft and is broken ! I know its my fault but i was hoping for any advice before i drive an hour and end up spending $200 for a new one because it was my fault.

iphone 3GS