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I was wondering if anyone has encountered the following issue. I have home sharing setup between 4 computers. One is a Mac with 10.6.2, one is a Windows XP box and two are Windows 7 boxes. Home sharing works perfectly between Mac, Windows 7, and Windows XP. However the two Windows 7 boxes have an issue. When you click on the home icon for a Windows 7 box from the other Windows 7 box it disappears. This only happens between the Windows 7 boxes. All other combinations work. The windows 7 boxes are both 64-bit. Any one have any ideas? I tried re-installing bonjour, turning off sharing and re-enabling, etc. to no avail. Thanks.

iMac 24, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Windows 7, Windows XP
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    There have been SO many reports of that home icon disappearing.

    I think the resolution is to turn off home sharing, log out of your account in the itunes store, then log back into the itunes store, then try the home sharing again.
    I am not sure of the exact order, and I can't find that post....but it was something along those lines.
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    Yes. I have read all those posts and tried all the suggestions. The funny thing is that the problem occurs for me only for sharing between the two Windows 7 computers. It works between Windows 7 and Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OSX, Windows XP and Mac OSX. It must be Windows 7 specific for me and I have yet to figure it out. Firewall is not a problem because I have tried with all security features turned off and it does exactly the same thing. My work around is to share to either the Windows XP computer or the Mac computer and then share to the Windows 7 box. I am hoping to see a possible fix in the next iTunes when it comes.
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    How about if you temporarily turn off UAC on both Win 7 machines? Does itunes home sharing work then?
    Just as a troubleshooting step - I don't recommend leaving UAC turned off permanently.

    Are you able to read, edit, and save small notepad files between those 2 PCs?
    How many firewalls do you have? I use a hardware firewall in my router, and also use the built-in Windows firewall. I don't use any firewalls from Norton, McAfee, etc.
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    If it were firewalls or user access causing the issue then sharing between the Mac and the Windows XP computers with the Windows 7 computers shouldn't work either but they do.

    The two Windows 7 computers do share using the new home networking feature in Win7.
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    You're probably right. I was thinking along the lines of it being something peculiar to Win 7 permissions, because it's the newest OS.

    I don't think I've seen any posts about 2 Win 7 machines before. Most of them involved an older Windows OS in the mix, and the signing in/out was the workaround.