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Hey all,
After a lot of internet searching, this still seems to be a somewhat unanswered question. I'm not interested in ATV, as you can only stream iTunes content.
What I'm trying to do, if possible, is to stream whatever I'm watching on my iMac (24" screen) to my TV. I regularly watch Hulu, Netflix streaming, some anime sites. Is there any way/product that will allow me to just stream this stuff to a TV screen? The iMac isn't conveniently located to watch on the monitor. Sling box seems to be designed to do the opposite. Roku is for netflix only. ATV is for iTunes only.
It seems like someone must make a product that will just take the audio & video from your Mac, and send it to the TV.

I have an Airport Extreme, so wireless isn't a problem. I'm using an old style 29" TV, no fancy flat screens with millions of inputs or options.

So yeah, if anyone has any input or advice, it would be appreciated. It may be that just nothing out there yet to really do that...maybe that's why the question seems to be largely unanswered?

Thanks for any input,

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.7), Airport Extreme, old style TV