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I think I want to turn Time Machine off even though I have read in other threads that it should be left on! How is it turned off?

Here is the reason but I'm open to suggestions as to what is best to do:
I have an external drive partitioned with Disk Utility into three sections: one for my internal hard drive backup; one for my laptop backup; and one for possible use with photos in some way.
I backed up some files with CarbonCopyClone but when I needed some help and information I only received an email that I hadn't followed their procedures to be able to receive help so I bought, registered and re-backed up and finished the back up with Super Duper.
I really just want my external hard drive on when I want to use it and do a backup when I choose to do it and not have it done automatically.

As I wrote earlier, I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for your help.


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    first, I would say that it's a very bad idea IMHO to have backups not done automatically but by hand. that's how you end up loosing your data. I've seen more times than I can count on the forums. backups should be _*regular, complete and automatic*_. anything else means significant risk of data loss in case of problems. you don't have to use TM for automatic backups but you should use something. use CCCloner if that's what you want but make the backups automatic.

    as to turning TM off I'm really completely confused. by what you describe you are not using it at all. TM can be turned off in TM system preferences. there is a rather large on/off switch there. but again, it doesn't sound like you have it set up at all at the moment.
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    Hi Vernon

    To turn Time Machine off, open system preferences, click the Time Machine icon, unlock the pref pane if it is locked and click the Time Machine off.

    As far as backups go, I've always used SuperDuper and it works great. I have no experience with Time Machine to speak of, but I don't see a problem doing what you want if you feel comfortable without having constant backup.

    I may do that myself. I don't see the need for me to have hourly file backup.
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    Thanks, Glenn, for your reply and for the information and help. I really don't need an hourly backup in my situation.