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Please I would like to buy an external monitor for my Macbook Pro.

Money is not the principal issue

First I don't want it glossy (otherwise I would have bought immediately a 21,5 Imac)
I could be 22 (1920 x 1200) or 21,5 (1920 x 1080) - pixel pitch about 0,25
As I use it for Office application, Internet and photoshop I don't want it wide gamut (otherwise I would have bought Eizo s2243s that is perfect)
I would prefer an IPS panel but PVA is ok (no TN)

I searched a lot on internet but I didn't find what I'm looking for (except for HP ZR22w that is not on sale yet)

PS: I choose a 22 1920x 1200 (or 21,5 1920x1080) because i used for half an hour an 21,5 Imac and I liked size and definition of text.

I could buy the Eizo EV 2333W that is perfect except for the pixel pitch (0,265)
What about size and definition of text? is it sharp almost like 0,25.
Is there small or big difference

Thanks so much anyone who will help me.

Gib (from Italy)

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)