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yussl Level 1 (0 points)
Is there a built-in GPS chip or something?
  • Travis A. Level 6 (14,970 points)
    Hi yussl, welcome to Apple Discussions.

    No, unfortunately there is no built-in GPS or anything of that nature, at all.

    There is no way to locate your MBP, unless you have installed on it special software that specializes in tracking lost or stolen computers.

  • jneusch Level 1 (70 points)
    I thought I read somewhere that if Back to my Mac was turned on you could at least activate the iSight and see who has your computer. Not sure if this will help in this situation.
  • Travis A. Level 6 (14,970 points)
    Yes, that's true. But the computer has no form of GPS or anything that will tell you where it is located. You also need to be a MobileMe subscriber, and have had that feature turned on before the Macbook Pro was stolen.

    There was a situation where all this was turned on before the computer was stolen. The rightful owners were able to log into the computer remotely and view what was going on on the screen of the computer, as well as take a picture of the user. However, if I remember correctly, they got lucky and the thief entered their mailing address into some web form. That's how they were able to catch the guy, using the pictures as evidence.

    But all that requires:

    a) MobileMe and Back to my Mac being turned on
    b) The thief to somehow identify themselves
    c) A lot of monitoring on your part

  • S.U. Level 6 (8,360 points)
    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    What a bummer! If you have the serial number, it might be worth listing it on this database:


    Good luck!
  • carl wolf Level 6 (14,625 points)
    A recent newspaper article mentioned a school that provided an MBP to all students...and 45 were stolen. Using snooper software, the school turned on the iSight camera, identified the user, and recovered the large majority of the computers. But wait, there's more...a student that stole another person's computer was apprehended, and his parents filed a lawsuit against the school for "spying". That's right: the parent's didn't care that their son stole a computer; they only cared that the school correctly identified their son as a thief.
  • BobTheFisherman Level 6 (13,457 points)
    I think you missed the point of the lawsuit. There were 1800 computers issued by the school. I did not read anywhere that the student whose parent sued stole the computer, only that the school observed the student doing something inappropreate at home once the camera was remotely and covertly turned on.

    The school could have been turning on the cameras on any of the 1800 computers to spy on students at home. Would it be alright with you if Comcast, or your ISP, for example issued modems with cameras that they could remotely activate covertly using the excuse that some modems get stolen?

    IMHO, monitoring student behavior at home, even on a school-owned laptop, is beyond egregious, especially when it involves secret video surveillance. It’s beyond frightening.
  • Travis A. Level 6 (14,970 points)
    Hi Bob,

    Completely agree with you on all points.

    One thing I'd like to point out is that there is no way of "secretly" spying on someone using the camera in a Macbook or Macbook Pro. If the camera is on, the green light right next to it is on. Some in the media have made it seem as though there would be no indication that the camera was turned on, but this is simply untrue. The green light is hardwired to the camera. Power to camera = green light on.

    Regardless, it is still a gross invasion of privacy that the camera could be remotely turned on when the computer was not stolen.

  • Nedzad Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi Guys
    My brand new MacBook Pro was stolen 2 days ago. Is there any way that it can be located.
    How do I report it to Apple.

    I would appreciate your advice

  • Limnos Level 8 (47,225 points)
    Apple has no reporting service for this kind of event. Read all the posts that have been made.

    Is this a second computer that has been stolen in one month, or are you making multiple posts about the first one (and not reading all the replies since then)? If this is a second computer that has been stolen then you probably need to review where you leave your computer lying around.
  • eww Level 9 (52,980 points)
    This is Nezdad's first post, Limnos.

    Nezdad, there is no point in reporting a theft to Apple — Apple will do nothing with any information you might give. In all such cases, Apple advises working with your local police. Unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of stolen notebook computers are ever recovered. I suspect that in Sudan the percentage is even smaller.
  • Limnos Level 8 (47,225 points)
    Sorry eww, I am positive I edited out that second paragraph after reviewing the thread again but for some reason the edit didn't take (I did it well within the 15 minute timeframe)!