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anyone having this problem...I have two Macs (new) with bootcamp installed (plus any updates) and neither can print screen in Windows 7. I've tried all the usual button combinations (shift, FN, F11) and still no joy!

If anyone has got a clue I'd be grateful, it's doing my head in!

Mac Pro 17inch Unibody, Mac OS X (10.6.2), using boot camp
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    After 3 days of trying out all kinds of key combinations, new keyboards, asking nerds and so on, I finally found out what my (and probably your) problem is that in Win7, you can't really see, that a screen shot has been done, because here it will only be saved into the clipboard. This means that after you did the key combination (fnShiftF11), you have to Paste it into the file you want to use it with (e.g. Word, Paint or whatever...).
    Let me know when it worked!
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    There's also a program in Windows 7 and Vista called "Snipping Tool" where you can take screenshots of portions of the screen or the whole screen by choosing the section you want to take. It's in Accessories, or it'll show up just by typing it in the search bar.