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I am unable to create a TOC in Pages 09. I am creating a training manual from a blank document in Pages '09. I have referred to the user manual and to the video tutorial about creating a TOC in my document. However there is a problem. When I open the Inspector and click on TOC - nothing is showing up in the paragraph styles. There is nothing to highlight. I have been using various paragraph styles while I am preparing this manual (title, heading, subheading).

What am I doing wrong?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • fruhulda Level 6 Level 6
    Which type of document do you use, Word processing or Page layout? Says which to the right of the document name. You can't create an automatic TOC in a Page layout document.
    If you the WP doc you insert your insertion point in the beginning of the doc > go to Insert menu > choose Table of Content
  • PMargaritis Level 1 Level 1
    I am using Pages Layout. Is there a quick way to convert from Layout to WP. I am 100 pages into this training manual and don't want to start over.
  • fruhulda Level 6 Level 6
    You can work in the thumbnail view. Copy and paste each thumbnail to a WP docs thumbnail view.

    You still need to get the titles over to the text layer in the WP doc. Try to get rid of as many text boxes as you can and paste over the text to the text layer. Use Layout breaks and columns to recreate the layout.
  • Jerrold Green1 Level 7 Level 7
    No quick way. You would have to really want to change modes badly to want to do the transformation. You have to weigh how much work it would be to do the TOC manually vs. a very tedious transfer operation that isn't going to turn out looking any better than what you have now. If you have never used the automatic TOC in Word Processing mode, you should give it a try on a sample of your work and see if you even like how it works.

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    Thanks Jerry
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    If you have the text boxes threaded in the Layout mode you can click in one, Select All (command a) and paste the text into the main text area in a Word processing mode document.

    I don't think it was made clear that T.O.C. and bookmarks do not work in floating boxes in either WP or Layout mode. The text needs to be in the main text body, the one between the margins on each page.

    I think you will find that for any long document layout mode is useless. It may appear to be the DTP mode but has so many things that don't work, it is best avoided except for very short pieces.

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    Thanks Peter