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hi, hoping someone can help me. i need to bring my itunes version up to date(currently using v. - yes, quite old i know!) so i can use my new iphone.

trouble is, i can't get it to download. now i used to get a message up asking if i wanted to download latest version each time i logged in but always put it off (comp is a bit slow) but now no longer get that. so instead i try to do it through the menu Help>Check for updates, then click download now.

but then - nothing. nothing at all, no error message or anything, just normal itunes. i've rebooted several times but still no update.

should i just download itunes again? will i have to uninstall existing itunes first? and will that mean that i lose all my music and have to start again?

sorry but a complete novice at all this. any help much appreciated!


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    Yes, just download itunes again. Each "upgrade" is not really an update - it's a complete new install. If you watch the messages going on the screen, it uninstalls the old version and then installs the new version. It is not just a small patch, in other words.

    I have never lost music or the itunes library database from an update, but it is always best practice to make sure you have a backup, in case something goes wrong.

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    but then - nothing. nothing at all, no error message or anything, just normal itunes.

    I've seen a few cases of that in recent times, where "Help > Check for updates" doesn't seem to work.

    Perhaps try the following instead.

    In your "Start" menu, click "All programs" and select "Apple Software Update".

    Does ASU launch and offer you the latest "iTunes + QuickTime" version?