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Is there anybody who owns a Citroen C3 and connected the iphone to its bluetooth system (Connecting box)?

I wasn't able.

The iphone recognizes and shows "Citroen" on the display, the car audio system recognizes and shows "iphone.." on the display. Then the latter asks for a digit code, but NO MATTER WHAT CODE I ENTER the result is the message"Connection failed"

Note that other phones (bb, nokia, samsung...) can connect! (and their owners laugh at my iphone )

Please... help!!!

Iphone 3G, iPhone OS 3.1.3, European new Citroen C3 (late 2009) with "connecting box"
  • Thanar Level 2 (290 points)
    I take it you tried the default code of "0000". In that case, I would suggest trying with another iPhone and if that doesn't work as well, contact either Citroen or Apple for a solution. Keep in mind that iPhone has been facing issues with bluetooth connectivity since forever.
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    Used 0000 too

    Thank you for the reply
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    I've the same problem.
    No way to connect my iPhone to the bluetooth system of my new Citroen C3.

    Please... Help me too!!!


    Ho lo stesso problema anch'io. Il mio iPhone non si connette al sistema bluetooth della mia nuova Citroen C3.

    Da Citroen non ho ancora avuto risposta... Spero che qualcuno sappia come risolvere il problema.
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    It looks like its a Citroen bluetooth configuration error.
    I called Citroen central help desk so many times that at the end they told me to go to the car seller where they will reconfigure the bluetooth.

    I hope ity will work
  • Thanar Level 2 (290 points)
    I wouldn't have high hopes for this; it's just a conflict between Citroen's bluetooth implementation and iPhone's one.
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    Well on internet I found many people reporting that after this "reconfiguration" it worked.

    One guy said that it was even enought to disconnect and reconnect the battery
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    I brought the car to the car dealer garage.
    They simply disconnected the battery (the lead conection) for 30 seconds and then reconnected it.

    As a result the system reset and then it recognized the iphone soon!

    Now it works properly.

    So... no need to bring the car to the dealer, just disconnect and reconnect the battery.
    Then the only thing you have to do is to set up the date.

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    It worked for me too!
    Thank you Frank_03.
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    I had problems pairing my iPhone with my new C3, the procedure seemed to work.

    When I followed the manuals instructions, and the C3 did a scan for Bluetooth devices, it found the iPhone no problem. The multi-function display then seemed to ask for a code from the iPhone, which confused me as the iPhone Bluetooth settings showed nothing that to copy, so what to do?

    Reading this thread sparked an idea why not enter any code into the car and see what happens? Once I had entered the code, the number pad on the iPhone popped-up asked for the code which I typed and the phone just works now.

    The C3 picks up the iPhone whenever I get in, callers names show on the MFD with the sound on the speakers and the built-in microphone works well. Also music streaming works fine. Can't seem to change music from the car controls but I will continue to fiddle with the controls and see what happens.