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The Problem

1. I created a flickr album in A3 with 115 photos

2. The album published to Flickr as expected

3. I dragged two more photos to the flickr album in Aperture

4. Then all the other photos in the Flickr album disappeared (they're still in the aperture library), and were deleted from Flickr.com, leaving only the two newly added photos. Needless to say, this *****.

This is a critical error in my case and I simply can't use Aperture with this behavior. I'm afraid to even open the library as this is the 2nd time this has occurred. Can anyone help?

If anyone can help answering these questions, I'd be grateful

1) Can I "disconnect" the album in A3 from Flickr, without deleting the images on flickr.com?

2) On flickr.com, is there a way to de-authorize Aperture so it can't delete my photos?

Thanks in advance.
Mark Smith

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