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i mean from 50 miles away
to begin with i do not have mobile me
too expensive
i want to screen share but my macbook (With Me at the moment)
is 50 miles away from my apartment
Mac Mini is ON and is AT the apartment

i have the ip address of the mac mini

but have been UNSUCESSFUL so far

do i need to change a setting in the mac mini under System Preferences-->Remote Management to make this possible

mac mini and macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.2), first two macs ever
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    You should have left iChat for 10.6 on on the remote machine. Its screen sharing feature can be set up to allow anyone you give permission to, to control the machine remotely by running iChat elsewhere. You can't initiate it without a few steps on the remote machine when you have access to the machine directly.
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    is it possible for you to go a little more into detail
    i am home now
    i went into I chat a little Icon that says Jabber List pops up
    it wont let me log on
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    i am also a newbie at this
    you see i can screen share at home because when i enable screen sharing it sends a response to the other Mac, i answer yes and Voila i am screen sharing But today i was 50 miles away the mac mini was on, i had the IP address and was hoping to access the mac mini from the macbook only difference being i wasnt there to walk over and accept the sharing
    i at first thought that when i got home i would have to change something on the mac mini's system preferences-->remote management
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    if the IP address your using is your internal IP address ( e.g. 10..*. or 192..*.), chances are good you will not be able to access your mini from an outside network ..You need to investigate port forwarding , know what your 'outside' IP is , and hope your ISP isn't blocking the port ..
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    Here's how to do iChat screen sharing:

    Setup an AIM account here at http://products.aim.com/

    And use that as your login in iChat's preferences. You never have to deal with Jabber.

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    ran into two problems
    i watched the video-- the First thing he Said was Make sure Screen Sharing is turned On
    OK......i went to screen sharing in system preferences, I got a big yellow Yield sign that said screen sharing was in remote management-- it would not let me turn on screen sharing yet in the video He COULD


    i opened I chat instead of chat preferences popping up Like in the video a thing that says "JABBER LIST" pops up

    now im realy confused............i followed the video but its not working
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    i have been using VNC, you can download it for free, open the relevant ports on your router (think its 5700 or 5900). In system Preferences - Sharing - Remote management click computer settings and look for the "VNC users may control my computer with password"

    I have also used Apples remote desktop which has more options than VNC but you have to buy this one.

    The only thing that i cant work out is how to wake up may mini over the internet.