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I am trying to decide whether to get an iphone now, or wait to see if it is available on Verizon. I like that with AT&T, you can talk and be on the internet at the same time. Can anyone tell me if that is likely to be possible with Verizon? I know that you can't do it with the Droid. Is it the phone, or the network, and will that change? Thanks! Ben

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  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10 (93,800 points)
    There is no reason to believe that it will ever be available on Verizon.

    There has been no announcement of the sort.

    Verizon's network is not compatible with the iphone at all.
  • wjosten Level 10 Level 10 (93,870 points)
    Verizon's network is CDMA, the current iphone is GSM. Thus, Verizon would have to change their network(will happen in a few years when 4G rolls out), or Apple would have to make a CDMA capable iphone, for the iphone to even work on their network. Since GSM is by far the dominate network around the world, and the iphone is a world phone, I don't see Apple offering a CDMA capable phone.
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    Its not going to happen - search for CDMA on these forums and you'll understand that Verizon chose a technology largely driven by a sole US manufacturer, rather than the dominant technology on the planet.

    Its a pity really as its quite a good technology but its sole supply situation makes it commercially unattractive.

    And its quite strange to have the largest capitalist country on the planet with the least competition for iPhone users ....

    Give it 5-10 years for LTE networks to come along and maybe Verizon will have learned their mistake - nor not
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    There is not going to be an iPhone on Verizon in the foreseeable future because the Verizon network is not compatible to the more common worldwide standard of GSM.
  • Jeffrey Johnston Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I would love to get a iPhone but I will never go with at&t again. If they designed one for the Verizon network I would get one in a New York minute, and I think I speak for millions. I was on at&t for three years and the local office kept saying that they were getting more towers and better coverage, and where I live they have the worst reception of them all. You get away from the cities or main highways you loose your reception. I been holding off on buying a smart phone hoping. If the iPhone doesn't expand to other networks I will go with a Droid.
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    I would love to get a iPhone but I will never go with at&t again.

    I get excellent service from AT&T. I travel a lot and I have yet to experience any difficulties.
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    Me too, I live in the Twin Cities area and it has been great.
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    i am begging for good news! i love my iphone and all it represents, but have seriously been considering moving to a new carrier because at&t's service on the iphone is deplorible.

    i've called, they love to hear from you, but they don't do a **** thing to fix it. i drop an average of 5 calls per day on my iphone, which is completely inexcusable. unless the new phone releases on another carrier, i will have to make the switch as painful as that will be.
  • Tamara Level 6 Level 6 (13,730 points)
    We've had ATT for the last 2 years and we've had better coverage with them than we did with Verizon.
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    Where do you live? I read about people complaints on the internet all the time, but everyone I know in person who has AT&T say they never have issues.
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    Be sure when you select your new phone to ask around and see which carrier gets the best service in the places you most often frequent. Also, if you are considering Verizon I would switch sooner than later as they will probably be the next carrier to drop unlimited data plans on their smart phones.

    You do realize some of your dropped calls could be the other party?
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    My sister in-law has at&t and hates it every time she comes to our house or just leaves the city , she has no signal ! I really want a iPhone bad but cant get the service from at&t and it's a shame they cant release a phone for verizon users. I wish Verizon would get on the ball and update to 4g sooner !! such a good phone needs a better network ! and im not saying Verizon is better but at&t need to get better if they want to take some of verizon's business,I would switch carriers in a heart beat to get the iPhone but like i said service issues in my area prevent it.

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    It's just time for the FCC to come down on ALL service providers and open the playing field. Until there is equal competition, every provider will maintain control over their subscribers.

    It would benefit phone manufacturers as they would no longer have to create different phones for the different providers.

    It's time to bring the pricing down to proper levels and eliminate "data charges".
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    I want an I Phone!!! I switched to Verizon because they have great service in my area. AtAT has horrible service in my area. I would would but an I phone if they just went to Verizon. Just wanted to say my peace and hopefully someone will listen.
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