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  • deggie Level 9 (52,719 points)
    So the government is supposed to order all the providers to operate the same system? Would you have them order Verizon and AT&T to use WiMax? Or order Sprint to dump their WiMax investment and switch to LTE?

    And what are the "proper levels" fpr data charges?
  • mooseimus Level 1 (0 points)
    babs1978 wrote:
    I want an I Phone!!! I switched to Verizon because they have great service in my area. AtAT has horrible service in my area. I would would but an I phone if they just went to Verizon. Just wanted to say my peace and hopefully someone will listen.

    Yeah I totally understand same thing with my area only difference is they have no signal here lol but have decent signal strength with verizon, looking at everything this iPhone 4 can do is making me sick lol !

  • deggie Level 9 (52,719 points)
    Have you gone to a Verizon store and played with one of the Androids?
  • mooseimus Level 1 (0 points)
    deggie wrote:
    Have you gone to a Verizon store and played with one of the Androids?

    All Junk if you want my honest opinion but don't have a choice i guess, need new phones and contract is up so going to look again in a couple of days
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    Actually, my sister has the Droid. I thought about getting one, but couldn't due to my renewal time wasn't available for an upgrade. I wasn't willing to pay full price. That said... it's a **** nice phone. It does rival the Iphone (or it did until this latest Iphone release).
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    i hear people complain about at&t coverage, but in my experience... well, an anecdote. last month my wife and i were in hawaii volcanoes national park, and we climbed to the edge of an active volcanic crater, a sheer drop of 800 feet at an elevation of something like 5,000 feet. my wife couldn't take the sulfur gases and headed down, but i stayed up to look around. after a while, she called me to make sure i hadn't fallen in, and to both of our astonishment, my phone rang! i almost fell in the d* crater with shock.

    that's good coverage in my book.
  • Wil3 Level 1 (0 points)
    Yeah, I'm beginning to think that we're talking about a case of Ford Vs. Chevy; Mac Vs. PC and of course now, At&T VS. Verizon. Of course, I don't doubt there aren't coverage issues, but in the end, I do wonder if it's just an over exaggeration. Looking at the coverage, it shows Verizon probably has the lead, but AT&T seems to be close. I mean; I keep reading about IOWA being a problem. Well, it appears Verizon has a lot of dead spots as well in that area. But when is the last time I've been in Iowa. I really have no plans to go there. (Watch, I move there. LOL).

    Here is something that is interesting. I was in San Francisco, California a few years ago, and I could not get any reception from my Verizon phone. It may have been a fluke, but I just thought it was odd a hugely populated place like that would have issues.

    And wow to the volcano call. Impressive.
  • Tamara Level 6 (13,730 points)
    Glad you didn't fall in .

    I was on top of a mountain in NH when my iPhone rang. The friend I was skiing with was shocked. He had no signal at all with his Verizon phone and just assumed that my phone would be the same.
  • Jeffrey Johnston Level 1 (10 points)
    I live in Roseburg ,Or. I work for a moving company (Bekins agent) and I have a 600 mile work area. I work with helpers that are on Sprint, U S Cellular and Verizon networks and I was on at&t at that time. We would get a little out in the country and more times than not (60 to 70%) they would have reception and I didn't. So I started checking who was getting more and better reception and it was Verizon so I switch.
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    Yeah, Southern Oregon needs major help from AT&T. My mom lives in Eugene and whenever I call her on her iPhone her phone drops the call at least 6 times during the call. Eugene has HUGE dropped zones with AT&T. Same with the Oregon coast. Luckily in Portland I don't have issues.
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    I'm really in the verge of getting IPhone, but ATT is scaring me, my Verizon plan is at 2 years mark on July 8, perfect timing (I could go with ATT for 2 years and in July 2012 I will go back to Verizon and the Iphone 6, ATT exclusivity should be done by then - 5 years). I'm trying to find what type of reception ATT has in Portland, Happy Valley, Wilsonville, Milwaukie area...

    Thanks for anyone answering

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  • deggie Level 9 (52,719 points)
    Which part of the Oregon coast. I've been 3 times now and never had a dropped call or any reception problems.
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