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We recently had about 5 Macbook Pro with seemingly bad ethernet ports. I have an entire network of PoE enabled HP Procurve switches 8212, 5412, 5406 etc all providing 1GbE to 1800 ports and just shy of 600 users, 1/3 mac 2/3 PC. No PC or any other type of Mac has experienced fried ethernet ports. The 5 Macbook Pro see the ethernet hardware but a link pulse does not come up. Using a fluke to analyze the MBP also results in no link pulse. All are fairly new and under warranty. Anyone else see this? Is Apple warranty should still be good, its not abuse and we have nearly 600 with no issues on the same network, which includes quite a few MacPro and 24/27" iMac.

Macbook Pro 13", Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    I had a couple machines on our data network that seemed to exhibit that same problem. I would plug in the cable to the nic and nothing would happen. The same cable and network would work for other things. However, if that nic was plugged into our other network (POE phone) it would get an IP and work fine. I used dscacheutil -flushcache and that did not seem to help. Rebooted (such a PC solution) and that did seem to help in one case. Plugging one affected system into different networks and then back into the intended network seemed to clear out whatever was blocking it on one machine. Another machine actually turned out to have some damaged pins in the RJ45 connector on the nic.

    No silver bullets here. Not even sure if the problems are the same. We are using procurve switches also.
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    macbook pro were sent out for logic board repair under warranty. So far no new incidnets