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New to Mac here. Trying to keep the thing tidy.

Where exactly should I install applications like Ableton Live and 3rd. party vsti's? I like to keep music stuff together and some things I'm installing are ending in my user library and other stuff in the HD library. Plugins under audio, and banks and presets under application support, here and there and everywhere.... not really diggin' it. I'm used to be able to control my own horse.


mbp, Mac OS X (10.5.4), new
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    Regarding Ableton Live VSTs and Plugins, copied from this link.


    The VST folder under Mac OS X is located in the following folder: Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST. You place your VST Plug-ins in this directory.

    I install all applications in my Applications folder. If an app includes an installer, the installer for the app places the files/folders where they belong and are needed for access by the app. If you move the files/folders installed by an app from their default location, more than likely you will experience problems with the app or it may not work at all.

    If an app is installed as a bundle, which many/most 3rd party apps are installed as a bundle with OS X, all of the components for the application are in a single folder that is represented by the application's icon. To uninstall an app that was installed as a bundle, all you need to do is drag the application to the Trash and empty the Trash. There will be one additional and separate file, which is the Application's preference file located in the Preferences folder. This includes application preference settings, etc. An application's preference file takes up very little space and does not cause any harm if not deleted if the application is deleted. If you delete the application's preference file from the Preferences folder or move the preference file to another location, a new preference file for the app will be created automatically in the Preferences folder the next time the app is launched.

    I have extensive experience with both platforms and if you are not digging where the few application component files/folders are located with an app that is installed with an installer, if you were a Windows user this must have been a full time job for you.

    In my experience, this is managed much better with OS X since a majority of 3rd party apps are installed via a bundle, not using an installer. For an app that uses an installer, the related components are installed in the required location for use and access by the app. Mess around with this and you will likely end up uninstalling and re-installing the app for it to function properly.

    If an Apple app is moved from the Applications folder, it will not be checked for an available update when running Software Update.
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    Thanks. That's very helpful.

    I'm still having troubles with AU plugins though. Often I can't find their presets. And even if I do, sometimes the plugin doesn't give me a way to load them.

    This is more of an Ableton issue though...