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There does not seem to be a discussion list for the iPad yet, so I am posting here since it is the closest forum to the topic.

My question is about the 3G network on the iPad. Is this the same 3G network that is advertised on TV where you see Bill Kurtis getting the internet in the far flung corners of the world, or is that another AT&T network? If it is the same network, does this mean we can take our iPad around the world with us and get internet reception? Does anyone know? And if that is the case, do you get charged extra beyond the $30 a month unlimited plan for the iPad?

Thanks for any responses.


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    My understanding is that you can purchase data from any carrier that supports the iPad. According to Steve Jobs... +"iPad 3G models are unlocked, and use the new GSM microSIMs".+ I'm sure each carrier will have their own contract prices, durations, etc. So, yes, I think you can take your iPad around the world and use it on compatible networks.

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    There isn't a discussion forum for the ipad yet, because there isn't an ipad yet.
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    Sure there's an iPad, it's just not released yet and there are still valid questions about it... no reason we can't answer them here. The mods obviously don't mind.
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    paulcb wrote:
    The mods obviously don't mind.

    I wouldn't go that far - there were literally dozens of posts a day around announcement time and pretty much all have been deleted, but a few have been moved to the other 'Discussions about Discussions' Forum. Its more a case of it not having been flagged for removal if the Mods agree.

    That said, this thread is quite tame as it hasn't degenerated into an argument about F** which normally results in it disappearing sharpish.

    I'm not saying you-know-what in case it starts up all over again ...
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    I guess I didn't notice the deleted ones. A quick "ipad" forum search revealed 120 threads that are still here, so the mods are allowing some of them, probably those that have specific questions and not just rumor stuff.

    I generally try to stay out of those silly threads... usually just posters arguing for no reason except to try and prove they're right. IMO, complete waste of time. They can make for some entertaining reading though!