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I was so excited to get ipod touch for xmas. 2 weeks later the apps wouldn't open - data corruption. I don't know why exacly. Could of been an app corrupted during d/l and the corruption spread? (Can't remember if this problem started after the troublesome app)

Fast forward to today. I decide to sync it to my new laptop. I tested my ipod nano and it detected fine, it ejected fine. It's not even synced to this laptop.

Tried my ipod touch. Seemed okay. It couldn't sync it right so, okay.. restart comp, oh but ofc I did eject it. Waited for 2 mins, how odd it didn't tell me to eject from ipod? Well according to itunes it seemed ejected (no eject symbol). Took it out, restarted comp.

Then I plugged it back in and seemed to sync with no error message. (FYI I backed up before I restarted) None of the apps opened again, yes I did try the useless hard reset. This just rendered all apps unable to open. Oh well, atleast I backed up!.............. nope. Failed backup message.

Before you ask it was the correct itunes. Up to date and for my 64bit system. I mean it handled the ipod nano fine.

Wow! Don't get me wrong, I do love the handiness of the ipod. Love the apps, but this is depressing.
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    OK first things first, you can re-download the your apps without paying again, so you're not out any cash there.

    Now about corrupted files, the Nano can act as a usb drive, the Touch can not.
    One is more forgiving of error than the other.

    Restore the Touch to factory specs and begin again, this the set up as "New" option.
    Don't use the back up you'll just reload the error that got you into trouble in the first place.
    Now, step by step, reload your apps/data/music/video and so on. You need to know what file caused the problem (If it was limited to apps then you don't need to check the video but you get the idea. ) and if there are any updates be sure you do that first before you sync the Touch.
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    I just went on the ipod and... the apps all of them are working again.. I don't understand why but I don't think I want to risk the dodgy itunes on this comp.