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Hi everyone,

So, I only started noticing my fan running a bit on the fast side this evening after installing the new Safari 4.0.5 update. I looked at iStat Menus for temp and CPU. And I was seeing about 190 degrees F for CPU temp with lid closed running ext display. Also there was a constant usage of the cpu (about 30% User and 20% System). There's not one particular process I can see in Activity Monitor that acting out of the ordinary and using a lot of CPU. Just stuff like coreservicesd, WindowServer, launchd that are shuffling around and using about 1-4% of CPU.

I ran repair disk permissions and verify disk. Verify Disk found errors and said I need to repair my Macintosh HD, which I have now done successfully.

Nothing has seemed to fix the problem. I'm looking through the System log in Console, but I'm not really sure what to look for. Nothing it constantly repeating or saying it keeps crashing etc.

Now with the lid open, on ext display and on a laptop stand, the temps are still around the 170 F mark.

What could be going on?


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