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How do you check your network connection in Terminal?

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Unibody MBP, 2.5GHZ
  • Alberto Ravasio Level 4 (3,902 points)
    Do you mean -> ifconfig <-
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    If you really want to speed test your ISP, then I would go to

    If you just want to see how fast you can transfer files between 2 local systems, then I use scp of a very large file. It will give you a display that looks like:

    file.name 5% 142MB 13.1MB/s 02:57 ETA

    Where the 5% tells you how much of the file has been transferred. The 142MB is the amount currently transferred. The 13.1MB/s is the current transfer speed, and the 02:57 ETA is how many minutes:seconds till scp thinks the transfer will be complete.

    You can do the transfer in both directions if you want to check out-bound vs in-bound transfers.

    And while this is going on, I also watch MenuMeter (or iStat menu) in my menu bar for what it things the transfer speeds are.