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My computer has memory problems. One of the ways I think I can free up space on my computer is by removing my music; not by deleting it, but by moving it. I have a thumb drive that's plenty big enough to hold my iTunes library; what I want to know is, is it possible to change the directory that iTunes reads from, so I can keep iTunes on my PC but have it read the music off my thumb drive? Or does all of iTunes' music HAVE to stay in the iTunes folder in C:/My Documents/My Music ?

Windows XP
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    It's easy to change, but you need to use the itunes consolidate command so it won't lose track of the files.

    1. First, assign a permanent drive letter to your thumb drive. My advice is to use something fairly far down in the alphabet, like M: for music. This step is important, because Windows can re-assign drive letters without asking you. That could make itunes not be able to find the files - ick.
    Just google "windows assign drive letter" is you don't know how to do it using Device Manager.

    2. Next, tell itunes where the new media folder will be.
    ituens menu > edit > preferences > advanced
    Change the location of the itunes media folder to your thumb drive.
    M:Media or M: itunes M:library, whatever you decide.
    Itunes will put all FUTURE additions there.

    3. Now you need to move the existing C: files over to M:
    Run the itunes menu > file > library > consolidate
    You'll have to create that folder if it doesn't exist.
    Make sure some songs play BEFORE you delete them from C:

    And always, always, have that thumb drive plugged in before you start itunes, or it will revert back to the C: drive.
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    Thank you very much, Katrina. I will do as you instructed and see how it goes.
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    You're welcome, and thanks for the points.
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    You're most welcome, and your idea worked fantastically. Thanks much.