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    UNFORTUNATELY, and a HUGE oversite by Apple, it is impossible to export your Numbers file as an Excel file.. Thus, making it impossible to work on or create a numbers file, export it to your PC to work on in Excel, and import it back. You CAN IMPORT excel files, but that's it...
    IWork sharing online beta doesn't help one bit either, near as I can tell.

    Does anyone know if APPLE plans to adjust this issue in NUMBERS for my ipad? I have to have paid for this app, and now I can't really use it how I need to..
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    I have already made the suggestion at the site you linked and suggest that everyone else on this thread do the same. Perhaps if enough of us provide the feedback Apple will update the app.
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    As a work around (before I purchase) can you export to or email to yourself, open in Number on a Mac and then export as an xls? Clearly this, like the inability to sync with iDisk is something that has to be fixed to make this a worthwhile product......
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    Yes, the desktop version can convert to excel files, albeit in a different format than it looks on the numbers program. Each table becomes it's own sheet. So it's not a direct conversion between them.

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    Unfortunately, it still only gives you numbers or pdf formats to download using

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    Ughh! This is bad news! I was going to use Excel compatibility as the foundation of convincing my wife that I NEED to have an iPad. Here is hoping Apple takes care of this in the future. My next computer will be an Apple, but that is still a few years away.
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    While waiting for Apple:
    Mariner Calc is available for iPad and uses excel format ~ might be worth a look
    There's GoDocs too..
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    Which one do you recommend for ipad office program?
    Especially i need ms office excel and docs,have to be useful
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    If you are trying to use the iPad as a laptop replacement, especially a PC laptop, you are going to severely disappointed. The iPad does a decent job importing from dropbox or whatever, but don't plan on uploading it back and being able to go back and forth. The iPad, as it stands now, is not capable of replacing your laptop. It is in fact a large iPod touch with some additional features and a more capable web browser. I created a pretty nice keynote from a PowerPoint I imported, and I actually like it better. However, when I export to PDF, it gets screwed up because it doesn't recognize the font? Anyway, I love my iPad, but I use it to email, maintain my calendar and contacts, surf the web, and create some basic stuf on pages and keynote. Numbers I haven't used much.

    Anyway, don't get an iPad and plan on editing documents. You can certainly create them though. If you want something that you can present on and enjoy your media, and read files, PDFs, web, books, etc... It's great.
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    The only workaround I've found is copying the worksheet from Numbers on the iPad to Pages. Export the Pages document as a Word doc, open in Word and cut and paste back into Excel.
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    I am extremely annoyed as i do a lot of electronic order forms and i bought an Ipad on the promise from all of the apple staff that i talked to that a numers doc could be opened on an excel spread sheet, which is the main reason i bought an ipad, however it will not open! this is a massive stuff up on the apple staff and i a massive inconvenience!!!if anyone knows of a converter can you let me know!!!
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    i tried this but pages keeps saying that the spread sheet is to large to copy, however the spread sheet is only approx 35x40 coulombs with only a basic sum function. Is this pages and number not working together or my own noobness with using apple products?
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    Here's a way to do it... export / mail out as PDF and use this PDF to Excel converter...

    unfortunately its $49.95... but the free trial does up to 5 pages which was enough for me... and there are mac and windoze versions...
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    same here!!! I had naturally assumed the doc. I was working on in Ipad numbers on during a recent flight would be 'exportable' back out to excel to share with colleagues. Imagine how bummed out I was to find out there was nothing I could do with the file once finished...