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profit for "D" and "M" based on how much of the project they were directly involved with.

I don't know how to show you the screenshot of the SS other than this.... http://files.me.com/dbrandt6/6v4jtu

What I would like as the end result:
1. if "D" is checked in column B, then "D" in column G would have a percentage amount assigned to it... (column E)
2. same thing for "M" in column C
3. if BOTH "D" and "M" are checked, then both "D" and "M" in columns G & H would get 1/2 of the percentage amount in column E.
4. if NEITHER are checked, then columns G & H would be zero.

The sum of column E (E27) will always equal 100%. Only the rows that have a check mark will be assigned a percentage. The percentage of a "check marked" row (column E) would be calculated based on the total number of rows that are "checked" ... always totaling 100% (E27). i.e. There are a total of 25 rows. If only 18 rows have check marks, (and row 4 will ALWAYS be checked... and equal 10%), then 100%-10%/18 tasks "checked"=5%. This 5% will show up in column E in the "check marked" rows.

The total percentage of column G.... added to column H would also equal 100%.

Thank you for your inputs..... Cheers... Doug

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