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So here's my problem - earlier today my iphone gave me the low on space warning. I thought that was odd, because I thought I still had a few hundred MBs free, but I looked and it said 0 kb free. Anyway, I then went and deleted a few apps. It freed up space for a minute or two. Then it gave the low on space warning again. I looked again. It was once again at 0 kb.

I sync it with iTunes. iTunes shows 1+ gigs of "other" storage - the orange bar. I delete a few gigs of music to free up more space. This space begins immediately shrinking. On iTunes, I can literally look every few seconds and see the "other" storage go up and the free space go down. This happens even if my iPhone is disconnected from my computer and there is nothing running - free space just disappears constantly until there is none left.

I deleted my entire music collection, but this just made the "other" storage balloon to over 8 gigs until I once again had 0 space free. Now, a lot of applications won't work, I can't take pics with camera or check email because if there is free space it just gets eaten up immediately, etc.

I've had my iPhone for about half a year and it has never done this - just today out of the blue. Is there any way to fix this without resorting to a restore? I have a lot of saved progress in my games and other 3rd party apps that I understand will be lost if I restore.

iPhone 3GS, iPhone OS 3.1.2