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This morning I got a rather unique error message when I went to go use my iChat. I noticed after automatically logging-in that ALL the green icons were of a phone and not of the video camera. Even the icon next to my name had just the phone icon. When I went to the Preferences and Photo Booth to confirm this it was an error across the board. iChat says, "There is no camera attached to this computer" and Photo Booth says, "There is no connected camera."

Huh?! It's built-in! I tried restarted but ended up getting the same message. Last night everything was working fine. The only thing I did last night was install the latest version of Safari through the Software Update.

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    Is the camera recognized in your System profiler?

    Try resetting your SMC and PRAM.

    Resetting the System Management Controller >>

    Dave M.
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    For any built-in iSight trouble, start with http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2090

    If your iSight problem occurs in more than one app and more than one user account, the reset suggested there often restores proper function of inbuilt iSight.

    However, if after carefully following all the suggestions in the "How to Troubleshoot iSight" article, your built-in iSight still does not work, and if it does not show as a USB device in your Mac's System Profiler, yours is most likely a hardware problem. In that case, contact Apple or an Apple-Authorized Service Provider for service.

    EZ Jim

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