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Last night I connected my iPod to my computer to add some new songs. It froze so I disconnected it and reset it. This usually works fine, but my iPod suddenly deleted all of my songs. I was okay with that too. This has happened a few times before.

When I connected my iPod to my computer again, I began to sync my library to my iPod. But it refused to add more than a few songs before saying that it could not sync anything. My iPod then proceeded to freeze as well as freezing up iTunes.

I've tried reformatting it and all the usual things people tell me to do but nothing is working.

I'm really desperate for help.

Windows Vista
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    Same thing for me. Tried to sync on a windows xp decktop and also a windows 7 (32bit) laptop. Been working to restore everthing since Friday!

    First had this problem last wed. Went to the apple store and finnally got them to give me a new ipod. Returned home and still the same thing.

    I reformatted, reset and even reistalled windows 7!

    Sometime I get 7 songs and somethimes 200, 1200 or even one time 2028 songs, but then it freenzes and won't sync. I have to disconnect for itunes to work.

    i haven't added ANY songs in over a month, so its NOT any songs.

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    yeah same with me !! when i try to add music to my playlist on my ipod classic(80 gb) , it just freezes when i drag and try to put a song on my playlist , and then i wait for it to unfreeze and then it takes about 10 mins. and i try to check on the playlist and the song isnt on my ipod !!! please help , i dont want to resart my ipod because i wont be able to get all those songs back !!!! Please help !!!!!