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I am troubleshooting an inability to back up my new MacBookPro (10.6.2) to my new Time Capsule (TC). A borrowed MacBookPro (10.5.8) can back up to the TC.

Using the 10.6.2 Mac in safe mode, however, resulted in an inability to even connect to the Time Capsule: When I asked TM to back up to the disk I got: 'Connection failed - error connecting - check server name or IP address'. The TC shows up in left pane under 'shared' and clicking it opens a Finder window, but hitting 'connect as' gives same error. When in safe mode, Airport Utility can see and operate on the disk; Disk Utility does not see it. The TC is connected with a cable to the computer before the startup. (In normal startup, the 10.6.2 does all of this OK. But Time Machine crashes it).
I tried the 10.5.8 in safe mode, its Time machine had no problem connecting to the Time Capsule and initiating a backup.

Is this 'no connection to Time Capsule'-behavior expected of safe mode in Snow Leopard?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • Berthe Willumsen Level 1 (5 points)
    I actually thought this would be a rather simple yes/no question.
    I also assumed it would be important - is 'safe mode' not likely to be used at a time where access to time machine backups could be vital?
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    Don't see anything specifically about Time Machine not working here. But maybe doesn't load required kernel extensions for TM. On my 10.6, Time Machine Menu is in System/Library/Core Services. Nothing specifically, anyway, for kernel. But doesn't mean those extensions not loading, whatever they are, might not be the cause.

    Also, since Safe Boot is primarily meant as a troubleshooting/diagnostic tool, I can imagine TM might be disabled there.

    Since I don't use TM, maybe someone who does will chime in here with their experience.

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