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Hi. I have owned my iPod for 3-4 years now, and it has always worked brilliantly. It is a 80GB iPod Video (2006). However, in the past few months it started making like a crackling noise when I connected it to my laptop. It didn't seem to affect it in any way though, so i ignored it. Last night, when i connected it to my laptop the crackling noise started up again, but this time my itunes stopped responding and my ipod just remained on the 'do not disconnect' screen whilst still making the noise. I waited for a while, but itunes wouldn't respond (i tried restarting it, but it wouldnt close either) - and so i unplugged my ipod. as soon as i did this, my computer started working completely fine again and itunes unfroze instantly. i checked my ipod and the menu etc will still work.. but it has deleted all my content off it.

I have repeated this process many, many times now. Each time it goes the same way - the ipod will remain on the 'do not disconnect screen' whilst making a crackling noise. my itunes will not respond, and therefore i cannot try to restore it, nor can i put it into disk mode. sometimes i get an error message saying that the computer cannot recognise the ipod, and that it is corrupt.

i have already tried restarting both my ipod and my laptop multiple times, and as aforementioned, resetting my ipod isnt an option as it kills itunes as soon as it is plugged in.

i'm thinking this is a hard drive problem - would this be about right? also, is there any chance of getting it fixed? i would really prefer not to have to buy a new one - especially since this model isnt sold anymore and i prefer it over the classic. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Nina (UK)

samsung r560, Windows Vista