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Marc Buhmann Level 2 Level 2 (360 points)
I have an edit in FCP I'm trying to create an AVCHD from. I know you can technically do this in FCP, but considering I have a BR drive in computer the only option I have is to export to BR, not AVCHD.

So I tried taking the project into Compressor and, following Apple's documentation, I went ahead and tried to create a Quicktime H.264 file that is compatible with AVCHD. After several hours of rendering I got a .264 file, I then tried to mux it with my AC3 file. The problem is that the video is blocky and stutters a lot... it's unwatchable.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to create a proper .264 file in Compressor? The work around I have right now is to create an MP4 file which then needs to be transcoded again for AVCHD. That's an extra step and encoding time I'd like to avoid.

Core i7 2.66GHz - MacBook 2GHz - iPhone 16GB, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • Jeremy Hansen Level 4 Level 4 (1,910 points)
    You could attach a second drive, a DVD burner, which would allow you to select AVCHD as a choice. Also, you say that the video is unwatchable. On your Blu-ray player, or on your Mac?
  • Marc Buhmann Level 2 Level 2 (360 points)
    On the BR player (PS3) it says the video is incompatible. On the Mac I can open the M2TS file in VLC but the video is blocky and stutters constantly.

    I've also tried muxing the .264 file and the AC3 file into an MP4 file using the Windows program Ripbot264 but that results in the same problem. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the actual .264 file Compressor creates because if I'm not mistaken muxing the file just creates a container. Unfortunately, I can't find any program that will play the raw .264 file to test this.
  • Jeremy Hansen Level 4 Level 4 (1,910 points)
    Generally, your Mac won't be able to play Blu-ray compliant H.264 properly. So you can't use that to judge. Try playing it with Movist; I think that does better than VLC.

    Are you saying that you are putting a video file on a disc, and trying to play that with your PS3? If it is compliant it should work. But you may need to change the file extension. Try .mts or .wmv. Yes, I know the wmv doesn't make sense but it works.

    So your files themselves may be fine; but the Mac OS lags a bit in this area. If you have Toast, you may be able to build a BD without encoding a second time. That would be a good indicator of whether you encoded properly, and would also package the video so that the PS3 would be more likely to play it. If Toast tries reencoding, play with its settings and try changing the extension of your encoded files.

  • Marc Buhmann Level 2 Level 2 (360 points)
    I tried playing it in Windows too. I also tried muxing it on that system. Same results.

    As for how I'm building the AVCHD disc I'm actually doing it with multiAVCHD (Windows app). It creates the menus and files and everything for you. When I tried to build the disc with the Compressor .264 file (muxed, of course) it created the directory structure needed, but when I put the disc in the PS3 it gives me the error.

    I did the exact same thing, but this time using a .MP4 file instead of the .264 file and it worked fine. But, again, it had to transcode it. I'm just trying to cut the transcoding so as not to create more video loss.
  • Jeremy Hansen Level 4 Level 4 (1,910 points)
    How are you muxing it in Compressor?
  • Marc Buhmann Level 2 Level 2 (360 points)
    I'm not doing it in Compressor because, as far as I know, Compressor can't mux. I'm using tsMuxeR.
  • Jeremy Hansen Level 4 Level 4 (1,910 points)
    Are you using tsmuxer on Windows then?

    And, let me get your workflow straight:
    1. Start with some source video
    2. Compress to H.264 for Blu-ray with Compressor
    3. Compress audio to AC3 (yes??)
    3. Mux with tsMuxer (I assume under Windows)
    4. Build an AVCHD format disc with the other windows app

    And when you put the disc in, it does NOT autoplay; you are forced to select the media file from the disc and that's when the PS3 says "incompatible formate".

    Do I have that all correct?
  • Marc Buhmann Level 2 Level 2 (360 points)
    Yes... on Windows.

    Your breakdown of my workflow is correct and results as you state. That's ONLY with the H.264 for Blu-Ray (video has a .264 extension). If I do this with a H.264 MP4 file it works fine.
  • Jeremy Hansen Level 4 Level 4 (1,910 points)
    In Compressor:
    File format = H.264 for Blu-ray
    Stream usage = AVCHD


    Also, do you have Toast?
  • Marc Buhmann Level 2 Level 2 (360 points)
    Correct. And I do have Toast.
  • Jeremy Hansen Level 4 Level 4 (1,910 points)
    I would suggest:

    Your Windows apps are screwing it up somehow.

    You should compress with Compressor, and put them into Toast. Make sure the DVD/BD-R button at the bottom is set to DVD. This will ensure it burns an actual AVCHD disc. It should NOT say "encoding" at any point. Toast should multiplex, then burn.

    The disadvantage is that Toast does not recognize quicktime chapter markers. But it will put them in at intervals, and use its own (limited) menus.

  • Marc Buhmann Level 2 Level 2 (360 points)
    I don't see how tsMuxeR (also available for OS X) is screwing it up, but I'll try your experiment and see what happens. The only thing that would stop me from doing this is if I can't take it into multiAVCHD to customize my menus.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Jeremy Hansen Level 4 Level 4 (1,910 points)
    I can't try tsMuxer because it won't run under 10.6. So I would suggest checking ALL your settings that you are using it to make AVCHD-compliant streams, not Blu-ray.
  • cmaccreery Level 2 Level 2 (215 points)
    Just an FYI for everyone.

    Tsmuxer can be run on SL now with this hacked version.

    I downloaded it and it apparently works just fine.

    This guy here explains what is wrong with it.

    As long as you don't need the Korean fonts you can get it to work on the SL side.
    Hope this helps someone.
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