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Marc Buhmann Level 2 (360 points)
I have an edit in FCP I'm trying to create an AVCHD from. I know you can technically do this in FCP, but considering I have a BR drive in computer the only option I have is to export to BR, not AVCHD.

So I tried taking the project into Compressor and, following Apple's documentation, I went ahead and tried to create a Quicktime H.264 file that is compatible with AVCHD. After several hours of rendering I got a .264 file, I then tried to mux it with my AC3 file. The problem is that the video is blocky and stutters a lot... it's unwatchable.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to create a proper .264 file in Compressor? The work around I have right now is to create an MP4 file which then needs to be transcoded again for AVCHD. That's an extra step and encoding time I'd like to avoid.

Core i7 2.66GHz - MacBook 2GHz - iPhone 16GB, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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