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Having completed the migration for our publication from ClarisWorks - which was just fine for 13 years - through AppleWorks (WEEPINGLY unrobust and erratic) to Pages, we now find that headlines set in Outline mode and positioned above a tinted panel,

*do not cut through the tint underneath*

and therefore those headlines look grey, instead of outlined white.

ClarisWorks outline fonts did, and splendidly. Even <spit> AppleWorks did. Pages, however, does not.

An Outline font should show the character in white, with a black outline. The white character should stay white when set over the top of a grey tinted panel.

The Editor is not happy about this. He is now wasting precious time in trying to make it work as it did using previous s/w.

Is there any way of making it work correctly? Or is the official line, with Pages, to just give up on outline font headlines and very very reluctantly change the design and go for solid black?

Many thanks

iMac, G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)