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Hi all,

I bought this brand new iPhone 3GS a few weeks ago. From day 1, it started shutting down unexpectedly, at random times. It usually was when I was surfing the web or during a phone call, but later it also started doing it while it was quietly sitting on my desk. If it's connected to my iMac, it restarts automatically; if not, it just stays off.

I contacted the local tech support and they agreed to replace it with a brand new one. However, the new device started shutting down pretty much the same way, from day 1 as well.

I tried uninstalling all apps, switching off 3G, wi-fi, but nothing seemed to affect the problem.

Just once, I happened to be staring at the phone when it did it, and I noticed that right before it went off, the battery indicator went red (when the actual battery level was around 85%). When I turned it back on right away, the battery level displayed was correct.

No matter how extensively I googled this, I found no other iPhone owners complaining about this issue. I now came to think that it's a specific batch problem rather than a wider iPhone issue.

The local support says they're not willing to replace my second device with a third one, which I understand from a certain point of view, but then again, I'm stuck with a (brand new) iPhone that just doesn't work.

Any hints would be highly appreciated, thanks guys.


iPhone, iPhone OS 3.1.3, 16GB
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    Did you transfer the backup for your previous iPhone to your iPhone replacement?

    If so and there is a problem with the backup, restoring from the backup will also restore the problem.

    If you haven't already done so, try restoring your iPhone with iTunes as a new iPhone or not from your iPhone's backup.

    The local support says they're not willing to replace my second device with a third one, which I understand from a certain point of view, but then again, I'm stuck with a (brand new) iPhone that just doesn't work.

    Baloney. The iPhone includes a one year warranty. The exchange you received under warranty remains under the original one year warranty. If there is a problem with the exchange you received under warranty that cannot be resolved by any other means, the local support is obligated to provide you another exchange under warranty.
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    I have had a similar problem just once. I reset the phone and haven't had a reoccurrence yet.
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    I did transfer my previous iPhone backup to this one indeed. Doh, I never thought the problem might have been hiding there. I have now uninstalled all downloaded apps and I'll be waiting a few hours to see if it does it again.

    Having a Mobile Me account makes it easier to restore contacts and everything while keeping the device at its factory condition software-wise. Sounds like a plan, if the (now) app-free iPhone shuts down once more, I'll do that.

    I'll keep you posted, thanks.
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    It's now been almost 24 hours without a single shut down. It seems that a certain combination of apps was responsible for this. I'll now start adding my apps back and see where the problem re-appears.
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    So, this issue was resolved in the most unexpected way.

    While fiddling with my 3GS adding and removing apps, changing all possible settings, performing all sorts of troubleshooting and skimming though all possible online resources, I decided to change its appearance a little; discarded of the old case and bought another one. Problem instantly solved!

    It appears that the old case didn't allow for adequate cooling and quite often the device felt a bit too warm in my palm, which never happens with the new case. Both cases are like half-shells, covering only the back of the device and leaving the screen to be protected by a thin self-adhesive film. The device was probably overheated inside the old case and was shutting down for self-protection. Doh...
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    Hey, I now have the same prob ( during phone calls) on my 3GS, since upgrading to OS4. Wondering if they will replace it?
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    i have the same problem since updating to ios4.
    during a phone-call which takes more than 5 minutes the iphone just restarts and the call will be dropped.

    is there any way to go back to version 3 ?
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    Since updating iOS4 my 3GS shutdown usually when I have the alarm set then put it on the side overnite.