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I recently could not see my iPhone loaded inside iTunes on my laptop. I spent 2 days trying to figure this out. Now that I solved it, I wanted to pay back and share my process.

After searching 20+ websites and tips, my solution was to *reinstall the missing apple mobile device driver.*

First, I went to *Programs and Features.*

then at the top, hit *"Repair Apple Mobile Device Support*"

follow along looking for the .msi file, even if you have to do a search for it in windows with the search tool upper right corner (best tool ever on PC).

Once you find it, select it and the rest will seem like it is repairing the drivers. AND IT DOES.

I did a "restart".

Then I went back to the *"Device Manager;"* under *"Portable Devices"*, I right-clicked on Apple iPhone and selected *"Update Driver Software.*"

Next I chose "Browse my computer for driver software."

Then I clicked "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" and this took me to the window where I was able to see TWO DRIVERS, and one obviously said Apple Mobile Device, or something like that.

At first I was worried that this wasn't going to do anything, but *IT SOLVED MY PROBLEM and I am currently Synching to iTunes again.*

SONY VAIO NW275, Windows 7, iPhone 3GS, iPod x 2, iPod Touch