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Click Green box "Seasonal Counselor/Merc...." in the middle under "Featured Opportunities."

I rarely see these, but what does it mean.
I get the warning "Safari can't validate...." something about an invalid security certificate (not the Safari Safe Browsing Warning).
In this case, since it something on a reputable website, is it safe to ignore and proceed on?
The link that brings up the warning:

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    From the Safari Menu Bar click Help. Type in: Certificates and secure websites

    Also: Indentifying secure websites

    And... Turning Off Security Warnings.

    Mastering Safari Security

    I'm getting the same warning on that site.

    When you click that link you'll see the little lock icon top right in your Safari window. But once you click on any other links within the site, the lock disappears.

    If the website is not secure, you may have been given a choice between a secure and an insecure connection when logging in to the site. Go back to the page where you logged in and check for a link to a secure login. Even if you don’t plan to view private information, it’s best to use a secure login whenever possible, to ensure that your login information and any other information you send is encrypted.

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    The certificate is signed by GoDaddy... is this link helpful?

    http://blog.boxedice.com/2009/05/11/godaddy-ssl-certificates-and-cannot-verify-i dentity-on-macsafari/

    ... is it safe to ignore and proceed on?

    That depends. Since it's a known issue, probably. It's an issue that should be fixed by Scotts though. In my opinion, either configure certificates properly or don't install them at all.
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    thanks, I did notifiy that webmaster, but have not heard anything yet...
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    so, in this case, you are saying this is probably a safe thing to follow. It's for a job application..
    What you guys are saying is that this is a Safari issue, more than an insecure website.
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    What you guys are saying is that this is a Safari issue, more than an insecure website.

    Technically, it's the server's problem. From what I understand of this particular complaint with GoDaddy, Scott's server certificate can't be traced to the issuer's root certificate. It appears Safari is taking a strict approach to SSL certificate integrity, whereas other browsers don't care.

    Good luck with your job application!
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    so, if I just choose continue, I will proceed for this time only, as long as I don't toggle any of the other settings that appear? Meaning, the next time I got there, it will warn me again.
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    Safari will warn you every time you load that page, until GoDaddy fixes its security certificate.

    The threat with this situation is that you may become complacent and dismiss the warning without thought. At first glance, a completely fraudulent certificate would appear to cause a similar warning, so you're wise to do some research before divulging the kind of information you'd provide on a job application.

    There are many things about a security certificate that could cause a warning, and it appears that this one concerns a minor detail. However, "minor details" have been exploited by criminals for millennia. This is why I believe you either configure certificates properly, or don't do it at all. A half-a**ed approach to security is worse than none.

    If I were paying GoDaddy for their service, I'd insist they fix it.