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Have MobileMe (formerly Mac.com) for several years. Since last fall (2009) have tried to trust the 'Cloud' syncing Contacts and Calendars over the air. Worked for the most part. Lately have seen missing items or events on Calendar.

Notice today that several calendar events are missing on the iPhone 3G (3.1.3). However, on MobileMe (using Firefox on a PC), the Calendar appears to be accurate as well as iCal on the iMac. Turned off the calendars in the Settings and then turned them back on, but to no avail. This is weird, because Contacts do not appear to be affected. Anyone else having issues. Thanks, Todd

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    Ah, I figured it out.

    Under Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars/Calendars - there is a 'Sync' action that allows for 'Events' to be sync'd '2 Weeks Back', '1 Month Back', '3 Months Back', '6 Months Back' or ' All Events'. Originally, I had '1 Month Back' checked and thus older events did not show on the iPhone.

    I checked the 'Events 6 Months Back' and it brought in older events from iCal and MobileMe Calendar.