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Can anyone tell me how to paste a screen shot or something on this forum. I need help with a spreadsheet but hopefully it will be easier if I can have you guys view the actual sheet and the help me type the functions out to solve my underlying issue!


Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    First you take a screen shot. cmd-shift-4 will let you draw a box to take a screen shot.

    Post it on a file sharing site or your MobileMe account, if you have one. Ensure it can be accessed by others.

    Put it in your post with {img src="http://the url of your photo"}
    but replace the curly brackets with < and >.
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    Thanks a lot for the help, but I guess my knowledge is too basic to understand the function yet. Can I ask kindly someone to write the INDIRECT function for me since I am trying to formulate a table with a pop-up menu where I can select a given month, and then the column will return expense for that given month, and corresponding category.

    In my sheet I have two tables. One is named "Income v. Expense" and the other just "Table 1"

    In the "Income v. Expense" table I have the 12 months in the cells C1:N1

    In the same table, A17:A29 contains my spending categories which are:

    Public Transport
    Take Away Food
    Personal Care
    Maid Service

    The cells are already formatted so that the corresponding cell for "January" and "Groceries" will reflect the expense for that category and month, as summed from a sheet which I use as my register. My aim is to have one table that I can simply select the appropriate month from the pop-up menu, and have the category's expense for that month shown to me, and then from that table I want to draw up a pie chart. It seems the indirect function as well as address is the way to go, but for the life of me I can't get it to work.

    Thanks for efforts so far!

    Much appreciated!

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    Yvan already wrote the INDIRECT function for you in your other post, though maybe you need to use semicolons instead of commas in the formula (that is something only you can answer). I didn't test it out but it looks right to me and Yvan even posted the table that he created using that exact INDIRECT function. There's really no point in having someone else repeat the effort. However, because this isn't working for you, why not forgo the INDIRECT function and just use the formula =Table 1::A2 in cell A2 and fill that down to A11. Replace "Table 1" in that formula with whatever the name of your data table is. That should get you column A but if your localization requires semicolons, copy/paste of the formula provided for column B isn't going to work for you either.
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    Here's a thread in Feedback about Discussions with the information you need to post screenshots.