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Hi, I tried a search, but no luck....

I D/L a sample Kindle file direct to my Touch last night. All is well, except I can't sync it to my PC. There must be a way to archive the books after you buy them, no?? Have an Ipod Touch 3g, using most current Itunes on a Win XP home laptop.

I tried syncing from Ipod to Itunes from the menu. It flashes "syncing" briefly then says it's done. I can't find the book in Itunes, or in any folders on my computer.

Ipod Itunes 3G, Windows XP
Reply by Meg St._Clair on Mar 19, 2010 7:05 AM Helpful
The book should be archived in you Kindle account on Amazon. You can download it from there to your computer.

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    The book should be archived in you Kindle account on Amazon. You can download it from there to your computer.
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    Thanks for the info. But then, how do I reload it onto the Touch if it comes to that? Itunes doesn't have a tab to sync ebooks or Kindle.

    Also, I found the 2 Kindle downloads I got in my account area on Amazon, but there was no link to download them to the computer. These were free samples, perhaps that's why there is no link?
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    You can d/l books to your touch by using the Get Books button on your Kindle app. It will show you your choices.

    You download books from Amazon to your PC by going to the Manage My Kindle page, scroll down to Your Orders and click the + sign by the book you want to d/l. On the left you will see No Wireless Coverage? and a button to download to your computer. I don't believe sample books are archived (but I'm not sure), but the ones you "buy" (even if the purchase price is $0.00 should be. If not, contact Amazon's customer service.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks Meg, and Sally. I had sent the question to Amazon as well, and am posting their response here, for future referance:

    My original question to Amazon:

    Comments:After a book is delivered to my Ipod Touch, how can I archive it to my computer? I have been unable to sync the samples I downloaded into my computer using Itunes. Once it's on the computer, how can I put it back on the touch later if I have reset the touch, or deleted the book from it?

    From Amazon Cust Service.......................

    Please be informed that, we have created a library for you on Amazon.com. We make books and periodicals you purchased from the Kindle Store available in the library for re-download wirelessly from your Kindle for iPod or from the Manage Your Kindle page. You can keep your own back-up of your content by saving a copy to your computer or another storage device.

    Kindle for iPod displays the items you've downloaded on the Home screen. Books not on your Kindle for iPod will be available in your Archived folder. You can delete downloaded books from your Kindle for iPod. *These books are saved within your archived items, and will be available for download again.*

    Kindle for iPod allows you to delete individual items or delete all downloaded content by uninstalling the Kindle for iPod app. Here's how to do both:


    1. Tap the Home tab if you aren't already on the Home screen.
    2. Tap on the desired title and slide your finger to the right to reveal the "Delete" button.
    3. Tap the Delete button.


    1. Visit your spring board on your iPhone or iPod touch.
    2. Tap and hold the Kindle for iPhone icon until the icons start to shake.
    3. Tap the "X" icon on the upper left-hand corner of the icon.
    4. Tap the Delete button to confirm application and content removal.

    Deleting Kindle content from Kindle for iPod or uninstalling the application does not change the purchased items archived on Amazon.com--you'll still be able to download your content to registered devices.

    Regarding Syncing:

    Please be informed that, you can sync your Kindle content between two registered Kindle compatible devices like Kindle, Kindle for PC application etc.

    Kindle for iPod has Whispersync functionality that lets you see your bookmarks and furthest page read on your Kindle books regardless of which device you use. Download your content to the device you want to read on, and Whispersync will automatically import your bookmarks, notes, and furthest page read so you can continue where you left off.

    You can also manually sync to the furthest page read while reading a book. Tap the center of your screen to activate the toolbar and tap the Whispersync icon (circular arrows).

    Whispersync is enabled by default. To turn off Whispersync, visit your Kindle account, and look for the message "Manage synchronization between devices. Learn more." at the bottom of the screen. Clicking the link will give you access your synchronization settings.

    More information about Kindle for iPhone or iPod can be found in our Help pages here:

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    BigSteve1, the only thing I would add to Amazon's reply is that the best way to delete any app (including the Kindle one) is to use iTunes and uncheck it before you sync with your touch. Using the method they describe will delete the icon from your touch, but using this method according to the manual, "When you delete an application, its data is no longer accessible via the iPod touch user interface, but it isn’t erased from your iPod touch." So it still takes up room on your hd. When you delete by by unchecking in iTunes it completely removes the app and all associated data.