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My Windows PC died - arghhh!! Need to reload OS, all software, including iTunes. Question: all of my music is on my iPod Classic - when I first connect the device, is there a way I can make sure all the music gets transferred over (i.e. make sure the setting is such that it syncs from iPod to iTunes)?

I'd hate to lose everything! (though, most of my music was backed up on an external hard drive - but, some wasn't as I'm not always remembering to back up)


PC, Windows Vista
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    You can transfer itunes purchases:

    File>Transfer Purchases

    You can also do a forum search as this is asked and answered many times each day. Zevoneer explains the option very well.
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    Thanks - I saw another thread re: purchased songs - but I have most of my music from my cd collection - I want to be able transfer my entire library - not just purchased (i.e. I want to transfer all my music - both from cd's I had imported and purchased from the iTunes store). Sorry for any redundancy!